GoPro Navigation

User Research & UX Design

As new social components were being added to GoPro’s web app, the global navigation needed to be updated and legacy useability concerns needed to be addressed as well. The current navigation lacked consistency in interaction patterns, current location identification, user validated site architecture, and visual polish. I ran a card sort with twenty users asking them to categorizing actions they might take on the site. From their responses, I was able to identify places of friction and classifications that drove our navigation’s redesign. The above were the actual results from the card sort after standardizing responses, with the dominant classifications and their percentages in blue. These were the final wires of proposed modifications for GoPro’s global navigation. They introduced a flat design, non-sticky placement, more consistent interaction patterns (a subnav, for instance), easier affordances, and more human interprettable categorization. [I transitioned to my current role before final implementation]