Flii (Sidecar)

Product & Visual Design, Frontend

Sidecar was validating a new product idea at the intersection of on demand drivers and consumer reviews. The ‘Yelp for Uber’ needed validation and myself and a developer built an web and iOS prototype to use and test. The final version can be found here.

The final screens from the project. We decided to use a hybrid approach (using the Ionic Framework) in building the app for widespread testing.

The primary ‘Find’ screen populated by local drivers

The screen flow for finding a driver with a fallback state if geolocation is unavailable.

The final app icon for iOS devices.

We used the Ionic Framework to build, allowing us familiar tools while still making the app available on the web, Android, and iOS. I used BEM CSS syntax throughout the application.

Final icons used throughout the app in both active and inactive states.